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Although a third of people in this survey (below) have become more positive, the “top five concerns people have about charities are that they spend too much on executive pay (42%), are not transparent enough about their spending (36%) and spend too much abroad (29%), put pressure on people to donate (29%), and spend too much on running costs (26%).” This sort of thing drives me mad - charity salaries and spending is sooooooooooooo much lower then, just for example, bankers; charities are so so careful about what they spend (they have to be), but to be cost effective they do need good people, systems and processes and equipment etc to do a good job for their beneficiaries. Somehow people understand that with businesses but forget that charities are no different. And I could go on – spending too much abroad when so many people are living on less than $2 a day? Really? Not transparent enough when all charity accounts are made public? Put pressure on people to donate, when they rely on fundraising to do what they do, and people have choice on who they support? I am not saying there is no poor practice but charity salaries and rewards for the challenges and complexities they deal with are LOW, and most people tolerate it because of their values. But it does not mean they should work for free…..!

Mind the Gap: “This paper explores whether recent attacks on charities from politicians and the media have adversely affected the public’s attitude to the sector, based on the results of a poll carried out by Ipsos MORI.”...Read

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