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Charity B was facing financial challenges and a change of leadership.

What did I do?

  • Stabilised the charity through improved staff engagement and internal communications.
  • Strengthened the senior management team including financial leadership.
  • Improved approach to business development and commissioner relationships.
  • Close working with the Chair and Board and support with CEO recruitment.


The charity was stabilised financially, and positioned to attract a new CEO, to secure new contracts and income and be sustainable.

Charity E was going through change under its permanent CEO, who was taking maternity leave.

What did I do?

  • Led the charity through the COVID pandemic included furloughing staff, and engaging and supporting staff working remotely.
  • Provided active support to and engagement with finance, fundraising and retail to safeguard income and ensure sustainability.
  • Ensured focus on the lived experience of beneficiaries through the pandemic.
  • Recruited new members of the senior team.
  • Supported the Board to recruit a new Chair and trustees.


The charity survived and thrived through the pandemic. Momentum was maintained on key initiatives and changes. Smooth transition at start/finish of maternity cover.